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The Cemetery Exchange, LLC is a BBB Accredited Cemetery in Lawrenceville, GA
About Us

          The Cemetery Exchange is a nationwide cemetery property listing service. Founded in 2011 by Maureen Walton, it serves to be the best in its class for integrity, honesty, knowledge and customer service. Being a Cemeterian for many years, Maureen created The Cemetery Exchange after witnessing first hand the difficulty people had when trying to sell their cemetery property since cemeteries will not buy back any properties. She also felt the need and desire to assist those who want to preplan but who want to do it privately and avoid the high selling tactics sometimes used by the industry.

Why We are the Best

          The average consumer does not sell cemetery property every day. Those of us in the industry should have a commitment and desire to assist sellers by providing the guidance and information needed in order to make an informed decision. At The Cemetery Exchange - we do provide this needed assistance. Our customers are the most important people to us.

          We guide our sellers in every way we can. We don't sugar coat the fact that it could take many many months or even years to sell their property. We don't make false claims as to who we are and what we can do for our sellers. We are upfront in our pricing. We don't hide what we charge.

          We do not charge renewal fees or charge broker fees. Nor do we ask for or require a commission. We communicate with our sellers. We return phone calls!  What? Yes, really, we return phone calls. We actually like when our customers reach out to us to have us help them with a question they may have. It gives us the opportunity to teach and inform. We love it!

          We take what we do personally which makes us fully suited to help our sellers in listing their cemetery property. We consistently reach out to our sellers to ensure that their property is available and if they need to make any changes. We love what we do! We are passionate about the death-care industry and passionate about our customers.

          We are not automated. We choose to be human run and human edited. This ensures that our staff takes the time to review each and every incoming listing and if need be to assist that seller in creating the best listing as possible to showcase their property.

          We are the best out there and that did not happen by accident. We do what is right for our customers and we always will.



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Monday thru Friday - 9:00am to 7:00PM EST
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