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 Cemetery Property May be Available for Easy No Interest Financing!

     If the seller of the property that you are viewing has the above label on their listing it means that you can finance this property for PreNeed only.

If you have an immediate need, you will need to pay upfront for the needed cemetery property. However, if the seller is selling more than one piece of cemetery property and you would like to purchase the other(s) for future use, you may be able to pay for the additional propertie(s) you need on our financing program.

If you are interested in financing this property, please advise the seller.  

If you are interested in cemetery property and it has not been labled with the No Interest Financing, please contact us.
We will contact the seller on your behalf to see if they are willing to finance their property for you.

Once you and the seller have agreed upon a purchase price, the seller will contact us to let us know.
They will provide us all of your contact information so we may be in contact with you.
We will secure from the seller, a copy of the deed for the property being purchased along with a copy of their drivers license.  
We will contact you and ask for a copy of your drivers license as well.

Standard Terms

10% Down - 12 Months Interest Free
15% Down - 24 Months Interest Free
20% Down - 36 Months Interest Free
25% Down - 48 Months Interest Free

A $150 non-refundable contract fee will apply at time of purchase.
All purchase agreements will have set monthly payments based on the agreed purchase price between you and your seller.
Monthly invoices will be provided that will show the outstanding balance and payments which are due within the first 10 days of each month.
The seller has the right to cancel the agreement and retain any payments made by the buyer in the event the buyer does not satisfy a monthly payment after 10 days.
Seller will release and transfer deed once buyers final payment has been received.

           This is a fantastic way to secure cemetery property for the future with pricing way below what the cemetery would charge - and be able to pay over time.

We look forward to working with you and your seller on financing your purchase.



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