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 Frequently Asked Questions

The Cemetery Exchange, LLC is a BBB Accredited Cemetery in Lawrenceville, GA

Why should I list my cemetery property on The Cemetery Exchange?

     The Cemetery Exchange specializes in bringing buyers and sellers together by having the most prominent national online listing service for interment rights. Your listing does not get lost among garage sales, autos, furniture, clothing, etc. We also enjoy terrific traffic on our site with over 10,000 unique visitors per month. In addition to your listing being on our site, we will also post your listing to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for additional exposure. We are also a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating.

 How must does it cost?

     We have 4 pricing structures to list your cemetery property:

 Direct Contact Listing Basic Listing for a one-time fee of $59.95
 Private Basic Listing
for a one-time fee of $69.95

  Private listings show a button. This button drives the potential buyer to a form that they must complete which has the details of your listing such as Listing ID number, Cemetery, Cemetery City and Cemetery State. They must provide their Full Name, Contact Phone Number, and their Need: Imminent (a death is pending), Immediate (a death has occurred), Advanced (preplanning for the future).

     Once this form is received, we vet their name and telephone number to ensure that they are not on any scam list. We will also check to see if their phone exchange is at least located in the state where the property is that that are inquiring on. If not, we will question that. It does not necessarily mean that they are scamming. Many times it is friends or family members assisting in finding cemetery property for a loved one that has passed or family members that are doing preplanning. Anyone on the up and up will not hesitate to give us the information we need.  

How we contact you when you have a Private Listing. When we receive a viable inquiry, we will send you a series of two emails. The first will be an alert letting you know that an inquiry is coming through and it will also be the resend of 'What to do when you have a buyer'. The second, you will be blind copied on the form the potential buyers had to complete for us. This will have all of their contact information so you can reach out to them and also if they asked any questions or provided any comments. Your name and telephone is also released to the buyer at this time.

 Direct Contact Featured Listing for a one time fee of $89.95
 Private Featured Listing
for a one-time fee of $99.95

      With a featured listing your listing remains at the top of your cemetery city page regardless of how many listings come after you. Your listing is showcased on a separate  webpage on our site with a link for potential buyers to print a flyer of your property. This is an excellent option for cemetery city pages with many listings. Please check  the cemetery city page that you are interested in listing to see if it is of value to you. With both types of listings your listing never expires, there are no renewal fees, no  commissions, no broker fees, and we post to Facebook and Twitter. Please note that we do not give refunds. Please ensure that you have communicated with your  cemetery regarding your paperwork and that it is in order and that you have the permission from the cemetery to sell and that the cemetery allows the resale of interment rights on the open market.  Most cemetery listing sites will charge a large fee, ask for month to month fees, and expect a portion of your sale when you sell. We are not cemetery brokers therefore  we do not charge a commission when you sell or collect any broker fees so you can list with confidence. You have the option of paying with most major credit cards  through PayPal™ or by check. You do not need to have a PayPal™ account. We use PayPal™ as our third party processor so we do not capture any of your credit card  information.


 Do You Charge a Commission?


Your site says that it is Not Secure? What does that mean and should we be worried?

     That is a very valid question. If you go to a site that asks for personal information such as credit card or any financial information and their site states Not Secure, you may and probably will have an issue.

     The Cemetery Exchange was designed with our customers privacy in mind. We will never ask for or take your debit/credit card information over the phone or on our website. In fact, you cannot pay for a listing on our site. We use PayPal™ as our merchant. No one needs a PayPal™ account in order to pay for a listing with a debit or credit card. We use them so we do not capture your financial information. You complete the payment through PayPal™ in private and all we will see is an acknowledgment from PayPal™ that you made a payment.

 How do I create a listing?

     Listing with The Cemetery Exchange is very easy. You click on the link found on each page 'List Your Property'. The form is very easy to complete and once we receive  your information, we will send you a confirmation email. If you selected to pay with PayPal, we will forward an invoice to you directly from PayPal™. If you selected to pay  by check, your acknowledgement will provide remittance instructions. Once your payment is received we will upload your listing and send you a confirmation email  letting you know that your listing is live.

 What do I need to do before I list my cemetery property?

 Please visit the following link - Things to Know and Do Before you List

 How long will it take to sell my cemetery property?

      Selling cemetery property is not a fast sale. It is not an overnight sell. It is the hardest thing to sell. If anyone has told you that selling cemetery property is a quick sell, then you were misled.  We do not and will not sugar coat anything. It takes a very very very long time to sell traditional burial property.  

      You are already trying to sell the hardest item in the world to sell. Add to it that so many are opting for cremation and it just got even harder.. Even if you are trying to sell an Urn Niche, our studies have shown that even those opting for cremation, many do not want to have their cremains interred in a cemetery. They are content to be on families mantles for eternity or scattered.  It all boils down to cost.

     Cemeteries are in the same position that you are. Their sales for traditional burial property has dropped dramatically.

 Can you guarantee that my property will sell?

 Absolutely not! Again, there is no sugar coating here. We're not going to tell you what you want to hear. There is no rhyme or reason why one property sells over another.  Some sell quickly and some can take years to sell and some just never sell. This is why we don't over charge someone to sell something that is the hardest thing to sell.

 I'm a buyer, can I negotiate with you regarding cemetery property?

     No. If you have an interest in a specific cemetery property and the seller has not provided their contact phone information, just click on button, provide the answers to questions we have asked for on the listing and we will forward that information to the seller so they can reach out to you. We will also provide to you, the seller information. This way you can negotiate directly with the seller.

 I want to buy cemetery property in a specific state and city and I don't see a listing. What do I do?

     On each cemetery page on our site, there is an email address that you can use to let us know what it is you are looking for and where. We will keep your information on file and notify you when properties become available.

 Do you market the properties that are listed with you?

     Yes. In addition to your listing being on our website nationwide with over 20,000 unique visitors a month, we also post your listing to Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest.

 We just experienced a death. We need property fast and cannot afford the cemetery pricing. Can The Cemetery Exchange help?

     Yes. When you are looking through our listings you will notice the majority of our listings have a 'heart' Seller has made their cemetery property available for immediate need. This means the seller has designated their cemetery property  'Available for Immediate Need'. If you have found a particular property that you are interested in and the seller has not provided their direct contact phone number,  please click on and complete the form. In an  immediate need situation, you only have between 12 and 72 hours to secure burial property. So time is of the essence.

 Can I make changes to my listing?

     Yes. You can make as many changes as you like. Just email us with your changes with your listing number and we'll take care of it.

     Also, Please Note, that once you list with us, we send out listing status emails around 180 days +/-. Each and every listing has a 'This Property Verified as Available' as of date.  We strive to ensure that this date is as current as possible. As buyers are going through the site they will see that the information is current and most likely the property  is available. We send out a series of 4 emails. If after our Final Notice email is sent and we have not had a response from you, we will delete your listing from the site. We do not delete your profile or listing information from our system. We can reinstate your listing for a fee if you notify us.

 Why can't I make my own changes?

 We do not allow sellers to make changes to their listings. We have spent a lot of time ensuring that our format is easy to navigate for sellers and we have received many  compliments just for that. It keeps our website safe, quick and unopen to hackers.  Just email us with your changes and we will be happy to make them for you.

 What do I do once my property sells?

     Just contact us, provide us with your listing number and we will mark your listing as sold and remove it from the active listings. We like to keep the sold listings  on the site so people know that it works!  Any personal information will be removed from your sold listing.



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