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What Does Immediate Need Mean?

By designating your cemetery property to be available for Immediate Need, you not only have put yourself in the position of obtaining a quicker sale, but you have also helped a family in need. That is why every cemetery property seller that designates their property as available for Immediate Need will have a heart on their listing. But first you must make sure that you have all the necessary paperwork that the cemetery will require to transfer ownership. Transfer of ownership will need to take place within 24 to 72 hours.

There are actions you can do ahead of time to make your cemetery property Immediate Need ready:

Do you have the original deed? If you cannot find your deed or you cannot locate the original, contact the cemetery and ask them what their procedure is for transferring property to another individual without the original deed. In many cases, you may need to file a 'Lost Deed' affidavit with the cemetery and they will reissue you a new deed. Check with the cemetery.

Is the deed in your name? Cemetery property is an inherited item. Meaning, if both of your parents have passed and are buried in another location, the cemetery property they originally purchased is then passed to any and all of the surving children. If this is your situation, all of your surviving siblings (if any) must give you permission to sell the cemetery property in question. Many cemeteries will require the signatures of all surviving siblings in order to transfer the cemetery property to another individual. If you are like most families, your siblings may not be living local to you or the cemetery. Call your cemetery and find out their requirements and if need be contact your family members and let them know what you are doing and get their permission. In the situation where you were given the rights to bury in a divorce settlement, check with your cemetery to see if they will require a copy of your divorce decree giving you ownership.

What documents does your cemetery require? Call and ask for a family service counselor. They can assist you with what is necessary for a transfer to take place. They may be able to email, send or fax to you the paperwork ahead of time. Also, what is the fee the cemetery charges to transfer property?

Has the Opening & Closing fee(s) already been paid? This is very important and would need to be known upfront. You also need to know if the Opening & Closing fee includes every day of the week or just week days. If the Opening & Closing has not been paid, determine from the cemetery if the family in need is able to pay for that directly to the cemetery before the burial.

When the property was originally purchased, was a memorial or monument purchased? Many families that purchase in advance of need, will sometimes lock in the price of their future memorial or monument by purchasing it at the time they purchased their property if this was offered by the cemetery at that time. If a memorial or monument was purchased, you will need to find out if you don't already know, if it has been made in advance of need. In other words, it is already on the property awaiting dates of death or will it be made when a death ocurrs.

When the property was originally purchased, was a vault purchased? Again, many families that purchase in advance of need, will sometimes lock in the price of their future vault or outer burial container by purchasing it at the time they purchase their property if this was offered by the cemetery at that time. If a vault was purchased, you should have a deed to that as well. If unsure, check with your cemetery. Ask them to tell you, what has been pre-purchased along with the property at that time.

What is your asking price? This is something that you really need to think about. Do you know what your cemetery property is selling for today? And if you have purchased vaults or memorial or markers in advance of need - all combined should reflect in your asking price. Call your cemetery and find out or a representative from The Cemetery Exchange will be more than happy to acquire that information for you. Even in an Immediate Need situation, the family or the funeral director will most likely ask you what would be the least you would accept. It is not uncommon to reduce your asking price by at least 15% to get a quick sale.

What if you have two cemetery properties side by side and a family only needs one? Excellent question! Statistics show that women bury their husbands more often than husbands bury their wives. While the immediate need will be for one property, often the surviving spouse will want to be buried alongside their husband or wife or partner. You would sell the one space for the immediate need and the other adjoining space, you could sell as an owner financed transaction. In other words, you receive upfront payment for the Immediate Need space and transfer the deed. The second space, you could set up on terms. This ensures that the survivor will have a place next to their spouse when their time came. Once your terms were completed - you would then go through the transfer process at that time to transfer the property from you to your buyer. Also - a very very nice gesture!

Make yourself available. If you have designated your cemetery property to be available for Immediate Need, you must provide the necessary contact information so a representative from The Cemetery Exchange can contact you within one hour of the request. Time is of the essense. Hopefully, you have done all your advanced homework and the process will go very smoothly. 


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