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Buyers Contact You Directly
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Buyers Contact Us
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The Cemetery Exchange, LLC is a BBB Accredited Cemetery in Lawrenceville, GA

 ** We will obtain the potential buyers contact information if we feel the inquiry is not spam or a scam email. We will then forward your contact information to the potential buyer for them to contact you directly.  We will also email you with the name of the person you should be expecting a call from.  Please be sure that you keep in contact with us in the event any of your contact information changes. If we can't reach you, we can't put a potential buyer in touch with you.

 Before you complete the form below, please read and review these comments:

     1. You can submit for a Direct Contact Basic, Private Basic, Direct Contact Featured or Featured Private Listing from this form. Direct Contact means your phone number will be published on your listing.
     98% of buyers coming to The Cemetery Exchange either have a death pending or one has occurred. They have a very limited timeframe to secure burial arrangements. It is an extremely emotional time
     for the family member making arrangements. If buyers cannot get hold of a seller in a reasonable time, they will move on.

     2. If you are paying using a debit/or credit card, you cannot pay from this form. We will send an invoice directly from PayPal after we send your listing submission acknowledgement. Once you receive the invoice from PayPal, you can complete your payment transaction. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay with your credit/debit card. We use PayPal as a third party processor so we do not
     collect any of your debit/credit card information.

      3. If you are paying by check, we will send remittance instructions when we acknowledge your listing submission.

      4. If you feel you made a mistake when you filled out your form, you can reply back from the acknowledgement email with any changes.

      5. As soon as you receive your acknowledgement email, you can reply back and attach photos or cemetery map if you have any.

      6. We are not brokers and cannot ask for a commission when your property sells. We do not buy cemetery property.

      7. We are human run and human edited. We do not send out autoresponders. We will respond with your acknowledgement as soon as possible. Please be patient with us.

      8. When you have changes to make, just email us and we will be happy to make any changes for you. We do not allow self-editing.

      9. When you sell your property or decide to remove it from the market, please let us know so we can mark your listing accordingly.

      10. Selling cemetery property takes a great deal of patience. Cemetery property becomes valuable when there is a need and then it will depend on what a buyer is looking for.  With so many opting for cremation, it takes even longer.

Click here to Review - Things to Know and Do Before you List

If you are ready, please proceed to the form below!

We will acknowledge receipt of your submission form along with your payment and assign a Listing ID number at that time.

OR - YOU CAN ALWAYS CALL US - and we will be happy to take your listing information over the phone during our online hours.
Call us Toll Free - 866-754-6573


 Listing Submission Form
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* Email Address:
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         Once your listing is added, we will send a confirmation along with your listing ID.
Please be sure to add to your email safe list

What Type of Cemetery Property You Are Selling? (please select one)
If you have more than one type of property to sell, please complete a separate listing submission

Grave Space(s)      Single Depth      Double Depth

Community Mausoleum (Crypt)     
 Single      Companion      Interior      Exterior

Lawn Crypt (Turf Top Crypt)     
Single Depth      Double Depth

Private Mausoleum
(This is a walk-in, stand alone Mausolem not located within a community mausoleum building)

Cremation Niche     
Single      Companion      Granite/Marble Front      Glass Front      Interior      Exterior

Private Cremation Columbarium    
  Individual      Family

* Quantity:  Asking Price: Each? (Y/N)

Will you consider seller/owner financing? (Y/N)   Would you like information regarding our Easy No Interest Financing Program (Y/N)
Will you pay the cemetery transfer fee? (Y/N)
Are vault(s) or outer burial container(s) included in this sale? (Y/N)
(Only select 'Y' if you have already prepurchased this item)
Are Opening & Closing Fee(s) included in this sale? (Y/N)
(Only select Y' if you have already prepurchased this item)
Are any Memorial(s) or Monument(s) included in this sale? (Y/N)
(Only select Y'  if you have already prepurchased this item)

*In the event of a natural disaster or emergency, would you be willing to donate your cemetery property to a family in need?
(this information will not be displayed on your property listing)  (Y/N) 

Where is Your Cemetery Property Located?

* Cemetery Name:

Cemetery Address:

City:  * State: Zip:

What is your Cemetery Property Location?

Garden or Section Name:
(i.e The Garden of The Good Shepard, Rest Garden, Garden of Peace, etc)

Section Number:  Lot Number:  Space Numbers:
                  Separate space numbers with a comma

Be as descriptive as you can about your cemetery property and where it is located within the cemetery.
Selling cemetery property is like selling your house. What separates your property from all the other properties listed?
Be as descriptive as you can. Is your property near a cemetery feature like a waterfall, pond, lake, cemetery statuary?
Is it in the shade? Is it on a hill?  Is your property near a road (very important for easy visitation). What is the availability like for retail opportunities in your garden?
Limited to no availability can be very valuable to someone who have loved ones or ancestors in your garden and have not been able to purchase from the cemetery.

For Mausoleums and Cremation Niches:
If you have a mausoleum crypt - it is inside or outside? What is the level? The lower the level the more valuable and the more desirable.

Be sure to include the building name or number, the level your crypts or niches are located,
and if you know what kind of crypts they are. i.e. Single, True Companion, Tandem, etc

Level 1 = Prayer
Level 2 = Heart
Level 3 = Eye
Level 4 = Touch
Levels 5 or higher = Heaven
Abbey or Westminster = 1 crypt just below floor level, 1 at floor level

Will you make your cemetery property available for Immediate Need? Information on Immediate Need (Y/N)
Do you have the original deed to the cemetery property you are selling? (Y/N)
(if you do not, ensure with the cemetery that you have everything they require in order to transfer deed)
Do you have additional PERSONAL photographs that you would like be part of your listing? (Y/N) 

(If you have photos you will have the opportunity to send them to us once you receive our submission acknowledgement)

* How did you hear about us?

* Listing Type:  Direct Contact Basic ($59.95)   Direct Contact Featured ($89.95)
Private Basic
($69.95)   Private Featured ($99.95)  

Payment Type: Debit/Credit Card though PayPal Check

When you select PayPal, we will send you an invoice directly from PayPal. You cannot pay from this form. A PayPal account is NOT needed.

 Once your payment has been received, we will upload your cemetery listing.

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