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This information provided by The FTC is extremely informative and a must read for anyone thinking about preplanning or prearranging funeral and cemetery services or is facing having to arrange for funeral and cemetery services.

FTC - The Funeral Rule

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Types of Funerals

Choosing a Funeral Provider

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Planning Your Own Funeral

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A customized  hard copy family version - with geneology pages for you and your family to complete is available! $129.95

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We know it can be very daunting to think about pre planning your own funeral. It is something that we don't want to think about let alone talk about. We know it can be an uncomfortable discussion. Many of us feel that it is best to "just leave it to the kids. Let them figure it out - it doesn't matter to me - I'll be dead - what do I care"!

The burden that is placed on those we leave behind to make funeral and cemetery arrangements for a loved one is tremendous. It is a time of high emotion and stress and decisions that have to be made are not always made with you in mind. You leave your family with an emotional burden as well as a financial burden because of decisions they have to make. And there are many. I recommend taking a moment to vist our 'What Must be Done at Time of Death' page.

As Cemeterians, we have sat at the arrangement table to assist families making arrangements. Those that have followed the wishes of the deceased brought less stress and anguish. Those families left to make the decisions for the deceased at the time of death brought arguments, undue stress and anguish at a time that should be bringing families together. We've witnessed arguments between the type of disposition. Some family members say burial, other family members said cremation.

There are many benefits to prearranging. You don't leave your family with the financial burden of having to pay for your funeral and cemetery at the time of your death. You freeze the cost of your funeral and cemetery needs when you prearrange. A modest funeral today can cost upwards of $7,000.00. In twenty years, it could be upwards of $15,000.00. A cemetery plot today can cost upwards of $2,500.00 depending on cemetery and location. In twenty years, it could be upwards of $6,000.00.

I know, your saying, 'that's what I have life insurance for'! Life insurance is just that. Life! It is meant to take care of the ones you leave behind so they can move forward. Remember, your spouse or significant other, just lost 50% of the household income. Using a life insurance policy for funeral and cemetery costs can create some unforseen problems. A life insurance policy is paid to the beneficiaries. The process to have these funds released can take a lot of time. Upwards of 3 to 6 months. And a beneficiary does not have any obligation to pay your funeral expenses. Funeral homes are not willing to wait that long to get paid.

You do have some choices: Purchase a final expense insurance plan. This is also called pre-need funeral insurance. It gives you the opportunity to fund your final expenses over time. The pre-need insurance plan makes the funds available within 7 days of death and funds can be sent directly to your funeral providers.

The funeral home and/or cemetery your select may offer a pre-paid funeral contract. Your funeral provider have payment plans that allow you to also pay for your funeral and cemetery needs ahead of time. This freezes the cost of your funeral and cemetery needs at the time of purchase. If your pre-paid funeral contract has not been satisified at the time of your death, your family will need to pay the balance before the arrangements can be completed.  

At The Cemetery Exchange we can help you in making your final wishes known. We can help you with pre planning or if you want to go the next step, in prearranging. At the very least, one should do pre planning. Pre planning means letting your final wishes known so there are no questions as to what you want. Prearranging means paying for your funeral and cemetery needs before you need them.

The Last Plan™ - ($49.95) is a 32 page informational document developed to assist your family members and those responsible for your end of life wishes. We can never assume that the information they will need is readily available to them; or that they will always know where to find the information they need. The Last Plan™ will be the document that your family will go to for vital statistics, medical information, financial and insurance information, Veterans' information, Social Security information, Wills and important document location, burial and funeral information, and Living Will directives.  We will work with you privately and assist you in recording your final wishes. We can help you select what you want and where you want it and how you want it. We can explain all the associated costs that a funeral home and cemetery will charge you. Your The Last Plan™ will be provided to you in a hard copy, an email copy, and a CD copy. We also keep a copy in safe keeping in the event that you or your family has misplaced your document, they can contact us and we will provide it to them.

Here is what your personalized The Last Plan™ will include:

A personal message page completed by you titled "To My Family & Loved Ones"
"What Must be Done at the Time of Death" - 3 pages of items and decisions one must make at the time of death
 The Different Types of Cemetery Burials - Final disposition options and descriptions
 Living Will Information - 2 sets for your and your spouce or partner
Funeral & Cemetery Instructions - 2 sets for you and your spouce or partner
Current Financial Status - 3 sets to track your assets, liabilities, networth, securities, etc.
Emergency Notification List - 2 sets - Can be used for Police, Fire Department, Medical Team upon their request
Our Family & Friends List - 2 sets - Use for those who you wish to be contacted at your death
Location of Important Documents - 2 sets for you and your spouse or partner. Records where your important papers are located such as will, cemetery papers, deeds, titles, etc.
Medical Information & Insurance Policies - 2 sets for you and your spouse or partner. Records doctors information, insurance policy types and information.
Veterans Benefits Information
Social Security Information

We can also help you prearrange: We know that most people feel stressed and pressured with just the thought of going to a funeral home or cemetery to initiate pre planning or prearranging. They are afraid of the possible hard sell tactics. We will gather quotes from funeral homes and cemeteries that you are interested in based on your wishes and try to get the best possible pricing. Should you wish to move forward with a particular funeral home and/or cemetery we will work with you and your funeral provider to develop a contract and payment plan that is satisfactory to you. We are not very interested in a funeral home or cemetery bottom line. We are interested in you and that your wishes are honored without the hard upsell.

Contact us for further information on how we can assist you. There is no obligation.
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