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Jonathan Field Collection - Military & Civil Service Caskets
Military Urns - Military Crosses
Marine Corp - Army - Navy - Air Force - Coast Guard - Law Enforcement - Fire Fighters

These classic Military Caskets are now being presented to the Veteran Community in recognition of and with respect for their service.
Since the very inception of our military, there has never before been authentic military burial products.
They are needed by our service men and women at the time of their passing.
The Veterans with whom I have had the pleasure of speaking have all expressed the same feeling,
"It's about time we had our own Casket, Urn, and Cross, with the opportunity to present ourselves with personalization as to who we really are".
It is appropriate for the warriors of our time to be honored with a great deal of pride about how they fought, and survived, and lived their lifetime with us

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Marine Corp



Air Force

Coast Guard


Law Enforcement

Fire Fighters

Military Urns

Military Crosses

 Please click on the banner below. You will be directed to The Jonathan Field Collection website.
The Jonathan Field Collection website will provide great detail on the products they offer as well as information on the Veteran Network.



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