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Our Former Sellers Have Something to Say!


It is very exciting to announce to you that my cemetery property has been SOLD!!!

And I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your help all along the way, for your trustworthiness in vetting out potential buyers, for your personal approach in helping sellers, and for your efficiency in your website to find potential buyers and keeping my information confidential in this whole process.   You gave me peace of mind and encouragement in this endeavor of selling my plots.

I can't thank you enough.  And it's possible that because of my success, the family members that own the other plots of our obsolete family plot will decide to use your services/website in the near future. I have convinced them that your website is the only way to go.  

So thank you so much again for your help.  

S.S. from TX
Sold their Cemetery Property at Forest Park Lawndale, Houston, TX

"Hello, Thank you so much for running our ad and being so kind in the process. We have finally sold the plots and to a sweet family that needed them. You give a great and important service and it's greatly appreciated. Merry Christmas and Happy New year!"

K.C. from FL
Sold their Cemetery Property at Arlington Memorial Park, Sandy Springs, GA

"Your Cemetery Exchange company was very helpful from my first call to when I helped a friend sell her 2 grave sites. It was a pleasure to advertise the lots on your website.  The 2 sites sold together in 30 days."

D.R. from CA
Sold their Cemetery Property at El Camino Memorial Park, San Diego, CA

"I sold the cemetery plot.  HURRAY!  First and foremost, I couldn't have done it without all the help and support I received from all of you kind folks at The Cemetery Exchange.  I am truly grateful for you guys.  You held my hand throughout the entire process, from listing through the sale.  The instructions provided in your emails and on your website were crucial (can't thank you enough for that!) in ensuring a smooth experience for me as the seller as well as for the buyer.  Speaking of which, I could not have asked for a more wonderful buyer .... kind and patient and amenable to following the procedures / protocol set forth by The Cemetery Exchange.  I feel extremely fortunate.   

I have signed the paperwork with the cemetery to transfer the deed to the buyer and paid the deed transfer fee.  I have updated the buyer, thanked him graciously, and advised that everything is ready for he and his wife to make an appointment with the cemetery to sign their paperwork and receive their deed.  (I told my buyer it was a great pleasure working with him on this sale and he said it had been a pleasure for him working with me as well.  So nice!

H.F. from NC
Sold their Cemetery Property at Sunset Memorial Gardens, Fredericksburg, VA

"Hello Cemetery Exchange, I'm happy to report that we just sold our properties to a buyer today and have already received payment in full and completed the deed transfer. Please mark our listing 19-0612-4 as sold! 

I also wanted to compliment your site and service for all the transparency, honesty, and insight into this world of reselling and buying grave plots. Before I found your site I didn't have a clue as to where and how to even begin reselling the plots my dad asked me to help him with. Your site was a treasure trove of valuable information on explaining the reselling landscape and how to go about reselling properly. I followed all the advice and steps I found on your site, and although it was a lot of homework for me, it ended up helping me confidently write up my ad listing copy and manage the process once we found a serious buyer. I never thought we'd be able to sell our plots within 2 months but here we are and we couldn't be happier. Thanks again for your wonderful service!"

K. C. from CA
Sold their Cemtery Property at Pacific View Memorial Park, Corona Del, Mar, CA

"I have nothing but positive feedback for your company. This is not a fast process regardless, it's an odd marketplace to find yourself in. I had no idea where to turn to in order to sell this property when my father died and we found ourselves in ownership of it. You kept in contact with me about my listing, offered a great deal to keep the listing active and eventually, we've made the sale so it's as good of an outcome as I could have wanted. The buyers were extremely grateful to have found a good deal and we are grateful to have found nice people to take the spaces. Again, thank you for all that you've done."


T.C. from KY
Sold their Cemetery Property at Louisvlle Memorial Gardens West, Louisville, KY


"We had such good luck with your website. Customer service is quick and great. We sold both plots through your website. We had tried listing it other places with not a lot of luck. We're recommending you to another friend that has some plots to sell."

T.W. from TX
Sold their Cemetery Property at Restland Cemetery - Dallas, TX

"Dear Cemetery Exchange,

y feedback regarding your services when I had my 2 plots listed is YAY! and DOUBLE YAY! I'm really glad I used your service because I could contain my cost in advertising and I knew my plots were listed on a professional and attractive website. I also truly appreciated the information you gave me in how to handle inquiries and deal with the cemetery when prospective buyers wanted to see the plots. That information was most helpful when I finally sold the property, and I knew enough to tell the prospective buyer what to expect from the cemetery personnel.  As a result, when closing the sale today, the sales counselor did not try to persuade the buyer to buy a plot from them instead.  The sale closed easily. I would use your service again if I needed it and recommend you to anyone."

Yours very truly,
G.M.R. from FL
Sold their Cemetery Property at Glen Haven Memorial Park, Winter Park, FL

"My experience with the Cemetery Exchange was only positive.  After investigating other companies that charged high fees or wanted a substantial commission to sell my plot, I was happy to find the Cemetery Exchange that was priced so reasonably and had excellent customer service helping me along the way.  Thanks again for all your help."

J.C. from WA
Sold their Cemetery Property at Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier, CA

"Thank you, Maureen for all your expert help. We sold six plots at Forest Park East, Webster, Texas. Your guidance, advise, and advertising were invaluable. I highly recommend the Cemetery Exchange to anyone looking to buy or sell."

J.L. from TX
Sold their Cemetery Property at Forest Park East, Webster, TX

"Hello...As per instructed...I am notifying you that my Father's Crypt in Palm City, Florida has sold and the Deed transfer took place yesterday. ID-18-0516-1. Thank you for your listing. It is not an easy item to sell and the buyer did see it on your you can post that your ads do work! I will definitely recommend your services to others and use you again if needed. Thanks again and Happy Holidays."

L.D. from AZ
Sold their Cemetery Property at Forest Hills Memorial Park - Palm City, FL

"Thanks to your great website Cemetery Exchange, my property in the Pinelawn Cemetery in Milwaukee, WI has been sold.  Please cancel my listing no. 17-1003-1.  Thank you for your great service!"

R.C. from Watertown, WI
Sold their Cemetery Property at Pinelawn Memorial Park - Milwaukee, WI

"We just used the Cemetery Exchange to sell two of the plots we have at Westlawn Cemetery in Norridge IL.  Maureen was extremely helpful and attentive to our needs.  We usually heard back from her the same day we asked questions and every change we had to the listing was done immediately.  And she  always  told us the truth – which we greatly appreciated.  Her pricing is the fairest we saw in all of our research and we would highly recommend her and The Cemetery Exchange to anyone. 

Fred E.  Kenosha WI"

"I have good news!   I have a buyer for the two lots in Green Hills Memorial Park in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, that I am selling. The sale and deed transfer were completed as of Tuesday, October 16, 2018.

This was the easiest sales transaction I've ever done -- primarily because of your excellent service and assistance. 

You can be sure I will wholeheartedly give an excellent recommendation to anyone who asks me about doing business with your company. Thank you again for all your support.  It's been a sincere pleasure to do business with you!"

S.O. from NV

"Maureen - Thank you for your services in advertising our two cemetery plots located at Arlington Memorial Park, Atlanta, GA. As of today, Lot 266-A, Space 2 sold. Thank you very much for your expertise in getting cemetery plots sold. Both our buyers found our listings on your website. And I had it listed with another company, as well. We are very, very satisfied."

M.B. from GA
Sold their Cemetery Property at Arlington Memorial Park, Sandy Springs, GA

"Thank you! We finally got it sold thanks to your website!"

M. & P. K from CA
Sold their Cemetery Property at Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier, CA

"Dear Exchange - I wanted to update you on the above reference listing. It has sold. Thank you for the excellent service you have provided."

B.D. from GA
Sold their Cemetery Property at Evergreen Cemetery, Ft Lauderdale, FL

"Maureen, I have just returned from Charlotte, NC where I completed the sale and transfer of deed for the last Lot at Sharon Memorial Park.

Listing ID # 17-0323-2
Section:  31
Lot:  227
Space:  4

Please remove this listing when you have time. I want to Thank You for all of your help.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you. You made everything so simple and easy for me. With Irma heading your way, I pray you and your family will be safe. I will Continue to recommend you to friends and family.  Again THANK YOU!!!


B.H. from SC
Sold their Cemetery Property at Sharon Memorial Park, Charlotte, NC

Dear sir: We sold the below listing on 04/18/2017 to a Mr. XXXXXX.  Mr. XXXXX  found the cemetery crypt by means of your website.  We appreciate the service you provided and you can remove our listing from your site.


J.H. from NC
Sold their Cemetery Property at Guilford MP - Greensboro, NC



"I recommend this site highly. I would never have sold my property if not for Cemetery Exchange. Honest, straight forward company. Helps protect you from scams.
Thank you for this service!"

D.H. from FL
Sold their Cemetery Property at Caballero Rivero Woodlawn North Cemetery, Miami, FL

"We are so thankful to The Cemetery Exchange. Such an easy process signing up to be listed on their website. Whenever I had any questions they were prompt in their responses. If it was not for this website, we never would have been able to sell out plots. Thanks again!"

H.L. from NC
Sold their Cemetery Property at Mount Ararat Cemetery, Lindenhurst, NY

"Hi. Today I sold my last available grave space at Bluebonnet Hills Memorial Park cemetery in Colleyville, Texas. You can now close and remove my listing. Thank you so much for all of your assistance in selling my grave spaces so quickly. I greatly appreciate your professionalism, advice, and efforts in listing my cemetery property. I am so pleased I found a completely trustworthy and affordable website like yours on the internet to help me. May God bless you, Maureen."

L.K. from TX
Sold their Cemetery Property at Bluebonnet Hills Memorial Park, Colleyville, TX

Hi. I am informing you that I have sold my plot in Memory Garden. Thank you very much for advertising. I did sell due to an inquiry from your site."

B.S. from ME
Sold their Cemetery Property at Memory Gardens Memorial Park, Albany, NY

"I'm amazed how quickly it sold on your site. I placed these plots on craigslist and the Atlanta Journal for over a year and only had one person to call me to inquire about them.  I place the ad on the Cemetery Exchange on November 12, 2019 and sold them on January 13, 2020."

R.A. from FL
Sold their Cemetery Property at Arlington Memorial Park, Sandy Springs, GA

"Hello & Happy New Year for 2020

Advising that we can take Listing 19-0909-9 off the market effective immediately 01-01-20.  We did receive the asking price .  We did follow the advice that your firm provided to address and confirm  that the transaction was legitimate and above board in all steps taken.  We appreciate the guidelines and hints that your firm provided when we entered into the agreement to advertise with The Cemetery Exchange service.

Thank you"

D.P. from VA
Sold their Cemetery Property at Christ Our Redeemer Catholic Cemetery, Pittsburg, PA

"The Cemetery Exchange,  We are happy to inform you that we have sold the two cemetery plots we listed with the Cemetery Exchange (ID  19-0509-4).  The plots sold in fewer than two months.  What a great service!  We will certainly recommend The Cemetery Exchange to anyone in need of buying or selling cemetery property. Thank you."


A. & P. L. from OK
Sold their Cemetery Property at Sunny Lane Cemetery, Del City, OK

"Everything went very smoothly and all your expert advise in regard to the Sale was very helpful.!!!  I had 1 plot.  The gentleman needed 2. My sister had 2 plots next to mine so we were able to make the Sale. Mine, plus 1 of my sisters.  She will be listing her remaining plot with you. Thank You for your Professionalism!!!. Very much appreciated."

S.J. from CA
Sold their Cemetery Property at Eternal Hills Memorial Park - Oceanside, CA

"This property has been sold as of Monday, 8 MAY 2017. We would like to thank everyone at The Cemetery Exchange for your help and timely response to inquiries we received from prospective purchasers. The process of listing the property with The Cemetery Exchange couldn't be simpler. Don't tinker with your web site. It works and is super easy to use! We especially appreciate the way you make sure that every prospective buyer is a serious, honest, and valid prospect. While it's impossible to eliminate scams your system works the best. Your experience and professionalism led us to a very safe and enjoyable sale experience."


R. & B. from CA
Sold their Cemetery Property at Rose Hills MP - Whittier, CA

"Thank you for the services you provided to us; we sold our plots at Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery in Los Angeles, CA due to your advertising; you did a great job in helping us and screening the potential buyers before you got them in touch with us. Wonderful job, very nice team keeping us updated all the time.  Best regards"


M & R from NV
Sold their Cemetery Property at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you so much! Without your expertise and knowledge we would never have received results. Thanks Again!"

B.W. from VA
Sold their Cemetery Property at National Memorial Park, Falls Church, VA

"Great news - I sold my sites in Pacific View Memorial Park.  Yeah! Thank YOU so much for your assistance. I really appreciate you, your company and your dedication in alerting me to potential interested real buyers."

J.H. from CA
Sold their Cemetery Property at Pacific View Memorial Park, Corona Del Mar, CA

"Closed sale with Mr XXXXX and his wife yesterday and made deed transfer with cemetery. I consider it quite an answer to prayer that I came across your site with his ad and was able to find such a nice location at a very reasonable price.  Even more miraculous, he told me the ad was placed years ago, but he kept renewing it  and I was the only one who responded. Thanks again for your assistance. Will be happy to recommend your service."

R.N. from FL
Purchased Cemetery Property at MeadowWood Memorial Park - Tallahassee, FL

"We have sold our grave sites and would like them removed from your website. Listing #  16-0603-1  Lots 1408  Grave #3 and 4  Alder Lawn  Rose Hills Whittier CA. 

We would like to thank you for your service to us.  Don’t know how we would have sold them without your help."

R & M  from AZ
Sold their Cemetery Property at Rose Hills Memorial Park - Whittier, CA

"Thank you for your site that helped us sell it! Have a beautiful day,"

J.  from HI
Sold their Cemetery Property at Rose Hills MP - Whittier, CA

"My cemetery plot in Eden Memorial Park was sold yesterday. Kindly indicate that the plot is not longer availble for sale. Thank you very much for your assistance!"

M.G. from HI
Sold their Cemetery Property at Eden MP - Mission Hills, CA

"Hi Maureen, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your help.  A few days ago, my wife and I bought two cemetery plots in the Primrose Lawn section of Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, CA, that had been advertised on The Cemetery Exchange.  We met up with the sellers at Rose Hills, and the title transfer went smoothly. I appreciate how the sellers are able to post pictures and maps on your site to help buyers compare locations.  It was also helpful that the listings were up to date, and that I got such a quick response when I expressed interest in buying these plots.  My wife and I are very pleased with with these spots, we are happy to have this decision behind us.  Thanks again."

J.R. from CA
Purchased Cemetery Property at Rose Hills Memorial Park, Wittier, CA


Ref: 15-1014-2 Memorial Oaks Cemetery Houston TX

"This property has been sold and the listing may be discontinued. Thank you, I don't think that I could have done it without the help of you're your listing service."

J. S. from TX
Sold their Cemetery Property at Memorial Oaks Cemetery, Houston, TX

"Hi Maureen, It's T.D. in FLORIDA and after an "almost sale" last year (you and I spoke together) we have finally SOLD our listing in Glen Haven in Winter Park, Florida.

Thank you for all your help. I'm sharing your contact information with my boss as her family has spots in CT. I think that they'd like to list with you. Last name is XXXXXXXXX, they will be in touch with you. It took a long long time but it's a done deal! Thank you for your help and kindness.

Hope this finds you well."

T.D & K.B. from FL
Sold their Cemetery Property at Glen Haven Memorial Park, Winter Park, FL

"19-0304-4 - The family plot listed has been sold. Thanks to listing it on your site it was a fast sale and the person who bought it said if it weren't for someone at his Father's church referring him to the site he would have never known such a site existed. They lived in the same area for a life time and wanted to bury Mother and Father together where the family could visit and your site made it easy for them to find such a place."

R.G. from LA
Sold their Cemetery Property at Restlawn Park Cemetery - Avondale, LA




N.L. from AZ
Sold their Cemetery Property at El Toro Memorial Park, Lake Forest, CA



I wanted to advise you and the Exchange that we have been successful in selling the plots at Evergreen and consequently to delete the listing. Both Mel and I want to commend the Exchange for not only providing a valuable service but for doing so in such a professional and competent manner. Without your guidance and assistance, we would have been at at loss as to how to proceed. Your direction and assistance proved to be invaluable. Please accept our thanks for all your work, guidance and kind and compassionate understanding. Best regards!"

S.S. & M.S. from FL
Sold their Cemetery Property at Evergreen Cemetery - Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Thank you for helping me sell my cemetery lots.  Your website is very easy to use, and all of the tips and information you give on the website are so helpful.  I think the email/paper that I received from you when I first listed it that was called, "Important!  What to do when you have a buyer" was extremely helpful.  The whole process was so easy to follow, and the information about scams was very important, too.  I also printed  out and used the Bill of Sale that you referenced in the Important email.   At one time I called and talked to someone during the week one time when I had a question, and they were so courteous and assisted me with my question.  I would highly recommend using The Cemetery Exchange to anyone looking to sell their cemetery lots."

C.H. from GA
Sold their Cemetery Property at Westview Cemetery - Atlanta, GA

"Please mark this property as 'SOLD'. I sold the remaining two spaces yesterday. I had tried for years to sell them without any offers. After placing the listing with you all 4 sold within 6 months. Thank you very much."

R.H. from TX
Sold their Cemetery Property at Memorial Oaks Cemetery, Houston, TX

"This serves to notify and inform the Cemetery Exchange the above-referenced listing was successfully sold on 01/13/2020.  As a result, please remove this listing from your active status. Your listing service was beneficial and made this process seamless."

M.C. from FL
Sold their Cemetery Property at Woodlawn Park Cemetery South, Miami, FL

"I would heartily recommend The Cemetery Exchange if you want to sell your cemetery plots.  They are very professional, know the business, give good advice, reasonable fees, great exposure & respond promptly to any questions."  

G.H. from CA
Sold their Cemetery Property at Inglewood Memorial Park, Inglwood, CA

We have sold the plots listed. Listing ID XXXXX. Please remove that listing from your site.

Thank you again for offering a valued service. We sold the plots as a direct result of this listing. 


L. & W.T. from San Antonio, TX
Sold their Cemetery Property at Sunset Memorial Park, San Antonio, TX

"Dear Maureen:
I'm pleased to tell you that Mom's niche at Pacific View, Corona del Mar, California, has been sold through the efforts your company.  The buyers were XXXXX of Santa Ana, California, for her mother. After payment of the transfer fee to Pacific View of $XXX, we were able to sell the niche for $XXXXX.

Your help through this sales process has been most effective and your insights into the transaction were invaluable .  If I may recommend your services to a potential buyer/seller, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you."

B.V. from Sun City, AZ
Sold their Cemetery Property at Pacific View Memorial Park - Corona Del Mar, CA

"Hi Maureen: Thank you for all your help and support selling our 10 cemetery plots. The cost of listing our plots on The Cemetery Exchange was one of the best and smartest investments we made because your site works. Pure and simple. People read it. And you reach a targeted audience of interested and motivated potential buyers. No other site offers that in this category. And your service and followup is sensational.

Thanks again Maureen.  We are very grateful to you and wish you much continued success.

Fred E. Kenosha WI

"October 25th - Regard listing 18-0625-2- the listing has been sold through the Cemetery  Exchange. I was notified of an interested purchaser last week and showed them the site. The transaction was completed yesterday in a satisfactory manner. The site was in Parklawn Memorial park, Rockville , MD. Thank you for all the help in this matter."

AH & SR from MD
Sold their Cemetery Property at Parklawn Memorial Gardens, Rockville, MD

"Yes I was very pleased with your service.  It was the most professional looking website I found in the searches I did.  I liked your offering to keep it private in screening prospective buyers, and the ease of placing the ad.  Then the lead came in much quicker than I expected, and it was a buyer right away.  We texted and spoke on the phone, then met XXXXXXXX at the cemetery yesterday.  We were able to make the sale and do the plot transfer at Rose Hills, completing the transaction very quickly.  A very pleasant experience.  Your link to a “bill of sale” document was very helpful as well.  Thanks very much."

S. J. from CA
Sold their Cemetery Property at Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier, CA

"Maureen, We were able to sell our two plots and the deed was transferred to the new owner.  We really appreciate the Cemetery Exchange since we would not have been able to sell without your help. Please remove our add. Have a great weekend. Thank you for all your help."

G. T.  from NC
Sold their Cemetery Property at Sharon Memoral Park, Charlotte, NC

"Hello Maureen, I have just sold the last remaining plots for my listing number 13-0223-1 in Memorial Park Cemetery in Memphis Tennessee. I want to thank you for your web site and service over the past years and really appreciate the help and assistance.. I have already recommended your service to a number of people.

R.S. from TN
Sold their Cemetery Property at Memorial Park Cemetery, Memphis, TN

"Hi Maureen, this property sold today!  I want to thank you for all of your help these past weeks with the sale of both 248 A & B.  We certainly found it easier with your help, tip sheets, and forms."

P.A. from Torrence, CA
Sold their Cemetery Property at Green Hills Memorial Park - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

"Thank you for making the sale of these burial plots so easy and convenient. Your staff were very helpful and answer all our questions.
With sincere gratitude for all you have done."

D.W. from KY
Sold their Cemetery Property at Louisville Memorial Gardens. Louisville, KY

"Hi Maureen, :) We just sold plots 3 and 4 from our westview site. Would you mind marking 16-1101-2 as all sold. Thank you so much for advertising our site so well! I have been recommending to your site to friends and family. Have a great evening!

G.W. from GA
Sold their Cemetery Property at Westview Cemetery, Atlanta, GA

"I want to thank you as I believe the buyer of my lot did so by your firm providing the market place for this sale. Buyer was the family of a young girl about the same age as my daughter, The buyer's family wanted a resting place for their daughter's remains that my Forest Park lot provided.

J.C. from TX
Sold their Cemetery Property at Forest Park Westheimer, Houston, TX

"Good Morning: Listing ID is #: 17-0318-1 has SOLD. Thanks for your service. You did a great job. I especially appreciated the picture of the cemetery you attached to our listing.


Thanks again,"


P.P. from WI
Sold their Cemetery Property at Acacia Park Cemetery, Norridge, IL

"Hi Maureen, We sold our Cemetery Plot, we Praise God that everything worked out and there were no issues or problems. Please mark our Property Sold on your listing.

Your advertising-listing of our Cemetery Plot was very professional. We received a number of inquiries about it. Whatever you are doing it works do not stop.

Thank you for everything, and God Bless,"

L.G. from SC
Sold their Cemetery Property at Pinelawn Memorial Park, Farmingdale, NY

"Cemetery Exchange,
 We want to thank you for listing our lots at Floral Haven in Broken Arrow, OK and let you know they have been sold as of Monday this week. So please take down the listing. Thank you again for all your help and professionalism in getting these lots listed and sold for us."

D.S. from OK
Sold their Cemetery Property at Floral Haven MG - Broken Arrow, OK



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