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Things to Know & Do Before You List

You must do some upfront homework before you list...

     A.  Call your cemetery. Ensure that you have permission to sell your cemetery property on the open market. Some states require first right of refusal.

     B.  Ask the cemetery what they are selling like properties in your garden/section for today. This is the current value of your cemetery property. Once that value is known, our sellers will usually start their pricing at 20% below cemetery retail. Be sure to mention the current value in your comments.

    C.  Ask the cemetery what the availability is for property in your garden/section. This can be very important if there is limited to no availability. Buyers could have family/ancestors in your property area and have not been able to purchase from the cemetery. If this is the case, be sure to put this in your comments.

     D.  If you are no longer near your cemetery or it is not feasible to go to the cemetery when you do secure a buyer, ask the cemetery for paperwork that you can complete ahead of time. Each cemetery will have different requirements but can usually be handled via courier or fax.

     E.  Ensure that you have your original deed. If you do not, contact the cemetery and ask if they will require you to get a new deed before you sell your cemetery property. You don't want to go through the effort of  securing a buyer and then find out that you cannot complete the transaction.

     F.  If you are considering making your property available for immediate need, be sure to ask the cemetery how long it will take them to transfer deed to a buyer. Remember, most buyers are in need of cemetery property because they have a death pending or one has occurred. If it is going to take the cemetery a week or more to transfer deed, you cannot make your property available for immediate need.

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