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What to Expect as a Buyer on The Cemetery Exchange

Having to search for cemetery property whether you are preplanning for the future, have already experienced a death, or have an imminent death can be a daunting task.
The Cemetery Exchange is an online venue where private sellers have listed their interment rights for sale on the open market. They have received permission from their cemetery to do so.
Since, 2019, we have also required our sellers to provide a copy of their ownership document(s) to us as proof of ownership and the authority to sell.

Some Common Questions or Concerns

It is normal and healthy to have some questions or concerns. The seller does not know you and you do not know the seller.

1. - Why are people selling? Some are selling because they are inherited burial property from parents, grandparents, or great grandparents. Some are selling because they no longer live in the area
and have no wish or desire to be brought back to that area for burial, and finally many are selling as they have changed their final disposition from traditional burial to cremation.

2. - How do I know they have the authority to sell? - Each seller has had to have a conversation with their cemetery to get approval to sell on the open market before they can list with us.  The sellers then
have to provide a copy of the deed or ownership papers to us. This shows that the description of what it is they are selling matches what is on the ownership document(s). The deed
or ownership document(s) does not have to be in the sellers name. Sellers can be handling a sale as part of an estate, or they have Power of Attorney, or they are handling the sale on behalf
of a family member or friend. In the end, the owner of the interment rights must sign off to complete the sale between you and the cemetery.

3. - My phone number is outside the area or state where the cemetery property is located. - This could raise a red flag for the seller. Just explain to the seller why. You could be
assisting family members because there has been a death or a death in imminent. You could  be wanting to preplan for the future and want to go back to that state for burial.  Just be honest with
the seller and remember, if you are out of state, you must appear at that cemetery to do the deed transfer. Cemeteries do not just mail out deeds. The seller does not need to be present, but you as
the buyer will need to be present. The seller(s) have already provided all paperwork, transfer fee payments (if they are paying the transfer fee) to the cemetery so the cemetery can transfer deed in their absense.

Some sellers have their contact number directly on their listing which means you call them directly. Those with a private listing have a red sticker on their listing .
Once you click on this sticker, we ask for some required information needed in order for us to put you in touch with the seller.

All negotiations are private between you and your seller. The Cemetery Exchange cannot get involved in your sale, negotiations, or transfer of deed.

Once you and your seller have agreed on a selling price, the seller will advise you of their terms of payment. Most sellers require either cash, USPS Money Orders, a certified check, or a cashiers check.  
Upon  receipt, the seller will call the bank on record to ensure and verify that it is a valid check and that there are funds to cover.  Once verified, the seller will make an appointment for you to go to the cemetery for the deed transfer.  Only the cemetery personnel can transfer deed.

Please note that the seller is only offering for sale what is stated on their listing. In most cases it is just the interment right(s) such as grave space(s), lawn crypt(s), mausoleum crypt(s), and urn niche(s), etc.
In some cases the seller may be offering in addition, the Opening & Closing or Memorial/Marker. This is because they have already prepurchased and paid for these items and the cemetery
is allowing the seller to transfer these items as part of their sale to the new buyer.

 Cemetery property is not Real Estate. You are not purchasing a piece of ground. You are purchasing an Interment Right. The 'Right' to bury someone
in that grave space, or mausoleum crypt, or urn niche. Once you have purchased the Interment Right(s), you may have other expenses to the cemetery such as Opening & Closing(s), Vault(s), Marker(s) or Headstone(s).  

Please use the following generic Bill of Sale form below if you wish. Your seller has also been provided a copy for use as well.



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