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There are many ways we can memorialize our loved ones who have passed. We have memorialized them with a monument or marker on their grave and perhaps we have purchased a memorial bench placed nearby. But for many, long after the funeral and burial, we need a place to go -  a place to reflect - a place to remember.

By creating an online obituary and memorial tribute with The Cemetery Exchange, their memory can live on by extending that memorialization to friends and family for years to come. Future generations can have access to their loved ones tribute, share and read about family history, learn about the life of their loved one, know exact locations of burial, who attended and much more.

We have found that the online obituaries created by the funeral home or online newspapers have a very limited time for viewing. Many remain available for only 30 to 90 days. By creating an online obituary and memorial with The Cemetery Exchange, you ensure that the online tribute of your loved one will be available and can be shared by friends and family around the world. Your family and friends will have a personal link from The Cemetery Exchange that can be accessed at any time day or night. This link will also be available when people search the internet with your loved one's name.

Your online life-time memorial includes 

$69.95 One-Time Only Charge
for Life-Time Online Memorial

Up to 5 pages of memorialization of your loved one. Unlimited Text.

Online Obituary from your funeral home or newspaper

The story and life of your loved one prepared by family and friends

Eulogy or thoughts spoken by family and friends

Photo Gallery - Up to 50 photos

Genealogy for family members to start or continue family history with unlimited updates to your genealogy as your family dynamic changes.

Your memorial tribute will remain online as long as The Cemetery Exchange remains online

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There is never an obituary or memorial charge for our Military Personnel, Police Officers, and Firefighters who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.




Flanagan, Robert M.

Mascaro, Anthony 'Scats'



Preston, Lorene - Online Memorial is in progress



Wilson, Morrow Robert


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